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Top Tune Recap – May 2015

Welcome to May’s top track recap. Here we go:

1. CHPLN – People I Know
Genre: Indie, Pop
I’ve waited a bit of time for the next release from CHPLN. They didn’t disappoint with this solid dance track. I’m eagerly awaiting their stateside appearance.

2. Sound Quelle – Allarg
Genre: Trance
What is the meaning of life? Is there life outside of Earth? Ok, maybe that’s a bit too deep, but between the piano riffs and string-like sounds, this definitely reaches the soul and makes for great thinking music (whatever you like to think about).

3. Bontan – Firefly
Genre: House
Bontan can do no wrong. Another certified house hit right here.

4. Clean Bandit – Stronger – CamelPhat Dark Dub
Genre: Tech House
One of those songs that start off innocent enough, then just catapults you in a different direction. Fantastic remix of an already great track.

5. OMVR – Hold You Back (Funkin Matt Remix)
Genre: House
Another dance worthy house remix.

6. On and On – Drifting (Duncan Murray Remix)
Genre: Deep House
Love the low key vibe of this one. Perfect for a long drive with the windows down.

7. Dear David – I’ve Been Waiting (Romez & Damark Remix)
Genre: House
Counting down until I hear this in a lounge or club. Great track to fill a room and get your dance on.

8. Brasstracks – We’re Back Tho
Genre: Future Jazz (sure, let’s go with that)
This duo is back at it again. If you like the sounds of trumpets, horns, and drum beats with modern flair, this is the track for you.

9. Mâhfoud – The Giant (Francois Rengere Remix)
Genre: Electronica
This was a great intro track to the work of François Rengère. The Giant remix features really cool background sounds (including one creepy creak) and tinkers around the right amount of dark.

10. Hunter Siegel – Let Me Love You Right (Ft. Kai)
Genre: House
This Canadian duo pushed out a big hit full of great vocals and bass.