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Top Monthly Tunes – July 2015

Welcome to July’s top tunes recap. Here are my top ten tunes for this month:


1. Fink – Looking Too Closely (Erik Lake Remix)

Genre: Deep House

I always hope remixes do the original versions justice. Eric Lake does just that with this one. The vocals and message stay in tact among the deep house beat.


2. PALASTIC – Worlds Collide ft. Josh Roa

Genre: Indie

My favorite part of this tune are the electric guitar riffs. The vocals are also superb. Feel free to play this track while driving with the windows down.


3. The Score – Catching Fire

Genre: Indie Pop

If you like bands like American Authors or The Script, this tune will be right up your alley. The band sounds great and the chorus is definitely catchy.


4. Mr. Skeleton – My Opinion

Genre: Techno

This is definitely one dark and trippy tune. What makes this an interesting track are the industrial sounding bits and scary ass vocal snippets.


5. Jon Bellion – Woke The F*ck Up

Genre: Indie

Catchy chorus and great vocals by Jon. I love how this song projects that moment of realization we all have when we finally see through the fog.


6. Seekae – The Worry

Genre: Electronic

A new track with a 80s alternative feel.


7. Superpoze – Overseas

Genre: Electronic

One of those tracks that seem to tell a story from start to finish. I love the piano notes, especially at the end.


8. TheArchitect_ – Les Pensées

Genre: Hip Hop

I typically don’t include tunes older than a year on my list, but I had to make an exception for this one. I really like the mixing of English and French vocals.


9. Luca Schreiner – Don’t Worry About It

Genre: House

Great summer deep house tunes. Definitely feeling the reverb and minimal vocal snippets.


10. EdOne & Bodden – I Can’t Feel (Kevin McKay Remix)

Genre: House

If you’re a fan of early house music, I think you will enjoy this one. It has a great classic house vibe.


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