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Top Monthly Tune Recap – September 2015

It’s time for September’s top tune recap.


1. Fausttt – La Tengo

Genre: Trap

Dear god, the bass. The bass! Enough said…


2. MitiS – Mirages

Genre: Progressive House

MitiS should be renamed Midas, because everything he touches turns to gold. (See what I did there??) This is another lovely track with a chill vibe. Solid production as usual.


3. Henrik Zuberstein – Elicit Response

Genre: Trance

Fantastic progressive vibe on this tune. It sounds really otherwordly, which is a cool positive.


4. Solid Stone – Signs Of The Future

Genre: Progressive House

I first heard this track on my favorite radio program, Cycles Radio. Solid Stone takes you on a progressive journey with this one, highlighted by some great drum sounds. I wish the audio were longer.


5. Alex O’Rion – Koi Koi

Genre: Trance

I absolutely fell in love with work of Alex O’Rion based on this tune. This is a beautiful one.


6. Luke Cusato – All Over You (Selva Remix)

Genre: Future

Another great bass track. I love the vocals by Luke.


7. Matt Lange – You’ll Remember Me

Genre: Techno

This is my favorite tune off of Matt Lange’s newest album, Ephemera. Get ready for the dark, industrial vibe + unique sounds Matt Lange is known for cooking up.


8. Roger Sanchez feat Stealth – Remember Me (Spada Remix)

Genre: House

It is a requisite to have at least one dance worthy tune on this countdown. Spada achieves that with this remix.


9. Eekkoo – Warren Avenue

Genre: Techno

Based on the origins of techno. Solid production behind this tune.


10. James Hype – Still Want Me

Genre: Garage

Another tune to get your dance on. Solid basement party number.


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