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Top Monthly Tune Recap – October 2015

It’s time for October’s top tune recap.


1. Jeremy Olander – Hanover

Genre: House

Definitely one of Jeremy’s darker feeling tracks. A pretty cool progressive house tune with a late night vibe to it.


2. Moonbootica – June (Robby East Remix)

Genre: House

Love love love this tune. Catchy ass dance beat. Enough said 🙂


3. Ray Fields – Day Time Dreamers

Genre: House

There is a reason why the title has the word ‘Dreamers’ in it. This tune is definitely dreamy. I especially love the guitar riffs that pop in.


4. Tommy Jacob – Operate

Genre: Alt/Electronic

Love the sexy vocals on this one and the cool clock-like sounds in the background.


5. Autograf – Dream (Gianni Kosta Remix)

Genre: Tech House

A lovely, chill remix by Gianni Kosta. Another set of awesome guitar and piano riffs.


6. Uone & Out Of Sorts – Tasman Bridge – Gabe Remix

Genre: Tech House

Love the bass kicks in this tech house tune.


7. Max Frost – Withdrawal

Genre: Alternative

Part indie, part soul, part funk. This tune is super catchy and overall feel good.


8. Artsever – Long Awakening

Genre: Deep House

A beautiful deep house tune perfect for a day on the beach or a long drive.


9. LDR – HBTB (Saint Remix)

Genre: Trap

For those who have followed my monthly countdowns, you know how much I love bass. Really cool remix here with tons of bass and (haunting) vocals.


10. Moosefly – White Lies (Oliver Schories remix)

Genre: Tech House

Rounding out my countdown recap is this remix by Oliver Schories. This tune also has a darker vibe to it and is a definite must listen from start to finish.


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