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Top Monthly Tune Recap – April 2016

Hi Folks! After a short break from March, I’ve returned with a fresh recap of April’s top tunes. Here we go:


1. Lexer – Disrupted Signals

Genre: Deep House

Lexer is definitely in my top three producer/musician list. All his tracks are packed with emotion and so well crafted. Disrupted Signals is a single from his latest EP ‘Forgive Me’.


2. Lewis Del Mar – Loud(y)

Genre: Indie

Fans of Alt-J will definitely gravitate to Lewis Del Mar as they are strikingly similar. I love the rebellious vibe from this tune and bonus points for being NYers.


3. Kiiara – Gold

Genre: Pop

One of those catchy tunes you want to put on repeat. Not much substance via lyrical content, however, I love the chopped treatment.


4. Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime (Yotto Remix)

Genre: House

I first heard of Yotto from Anjunadeep’s roster. Definitely an emerging talent, this track shows off his skills by remixing an already popular Coldplay tune with house vibes.


5. David August – J.B.Y

Genre: Tech House

Nice combination of echoed vocals, claps, mellow undertones, and extra sound effects.


6. Beats Antique – You The Starry Eyed (Blockhead Remix)

Genre: Electronic

I love this remixed tune because it makes me feel like I’ve stepped back into the 70s. Have a listen.


7. DOSEM – Untold Stories

Genre: Techno

Debuting on Dosem’s new label Houstrike, this is the title tune from a recent EP. You’ll definitely appreciate the production value that goes into each Dosem track. Untold Stories combines many intricate sounds and patterns, making this a real standout tune.


8. Nick Jonas – Close ft Tove Lo

Genre: Pop

I tend to not add many mainstream tracks to my countdown, but this is one catchy tune I couldn’t refuse. I love anything Tove Lo is on, but the addition of Nick Jonas makes this vocal magic. The lyrical content goes deeper and more meaningful on this one too.


9. FAIRCHILD – Breathless

Genre: Indie

This tune is a bit older than some of the tracks featured on here, but I’ve recently discovered it. Breathless combines both an 80s synthy feel with an updated string/electronic sound. Enjoy the mellow tune.


10. Davidian – Bode

Genre: Tech House

A pleasantly bouncy house tune.


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