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Top Monthly Tune Recap – November 2016

It’s been a while party people. While I play catch up for the past few months, here’s a fresh recap for November. Enjoy <3


1. Breaux – Third Man

Genre: Trap

I absolutely love the trap spin on classic beats. If you want to be transported to the 20s, but a cooler, more futuristic version of the 20s, definitely give this tune a listen. I don’t know how Breaux does it, but he’s the man.


2. Kimyan Law – Yore Dub

Genre: Drum and Bass

Kimyan Law has to be one of my new favorite artists. This track is off his recently released album ‘Zawadi’. I love his African and Jungle influences.


3. Jax Jones – House Work (KC Lights Remix)

Genre: House

There are a few remixes out of this Jax Jones tune, but this is my favorite one. Recommended if you want to get your house dance on.


4. Lakuno – Echo (Ft. Bahar Dopran)

Genre: Trap

Most certainly one of the lesser aggressive trap tunes out there. One of my favorite parts of this tune is the vocal snippets.


5. Paul Woolford – Father

Genre: Electronica

This tune was recently released off Woolford’s aptly titled ‘Father, Son & Holy Ghost’ LP. A very spiritually charged tune.


6. A.G Cook – Superstar (Kattison Bootleg)

Genre: Dance

This month’s feel-good tune.


7. Moonwalk – Mirage

Genre: Tech House

If you’re looking to go on a journey through a tune, this would be it. Check out the awesome snares while you’re at it.


8. CVRL – Crossing

Genre: Electronica

This tune packs a chill, emotional punch. Recommended for long drives or sleepless nights.


9. BANKS – Gemini Feed (Swell Remix)

Genre: Trap

I’m a fan of the original BANKS tune, but this remix is pretty solid.

10. Closer Water (Kap Slap Mashup)

Genre: Dance

This is a pretty cool mashup of Halsey’s ‘Closer’ and Major Lazer’s ‘Cold Water’.


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