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Top Monthly Tune Recap – April 2017

I can’t believe it’s already that time again. This year is moving in a hurry! Without further delay, here is your top tune recap for April:


1. Moby – Are You Lost In The World Like Me (Bite Me Remix)

Genre: Trap

One criterion for my top tune is the its’ replayability. This tune has been on repeat for a while. I love the trap take on this, but it’s the lyrics that get me everytime.


2. Khen – Baby Steps

Genre: Progressive House

This is my favorite tune of Khen’s latest EP. This is the perfect tune for a late night drive or winding down at a club. The real magic happens around the 3:00 min marker.


3. Ólafur Arnalds – Öldurót (Tontario Remix)

Genre: Deep House

I still get chills everytime I listen to this tune. Öldurót is probably the most emotional song in this entire recap. Keep an ear out for the crackling bottle sounds.


4. Terror Reid – Uppercuts

Genre: Hip Hop

If you’ve been following my recaps for a while, you know I’m not a huge hip-hop fan. However, once I heard Uppercuts, I had to include it in my top recap. I love Terror Reid’s effortless flow and the old school beat.


5. Xan Young – Honest

Genre: Electronica

This happens to be the oldest tune in my recap, but I only recently found out about it! The combination of smooth, r&b-ish vocals with synths and claps is amazing.


6. Cirez D – On Off (Pryda Remix) [Pete Tong – BBC Radio 1]

Genre: Progressive House

I came across a comment relating to this track ‘Prydzception’. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this hah. For those that are not familiar, Pryda is an alias of Eric Prydz. So is Cirez D. Yep.


7. Big Wild – Empty Room (feat. Yuna) [Elderbrook Remix]

Genre: Electronica

Elderbook’s remix of this tune is great. Part disco feel, part jazz funk, this tune is made for a summertime party.


8. Alex Preston & Dave Winnel – Never Meant To Last ft. Javeon (VIP Mix)

Genre: House

Summer. Festival. Season.


9. Bontan & Josh Butler – Call You Back

Genre: Tech House

Anything Bontan or Josh Butler is an automatic win for me. This is a fun tech house tune with a catchy hook.


10. Matt Lange – Clever Girl

Genre: Rock

I’ve been a fan of Matt Lange for a long time now. His work is constantly envolving. Since his recent departure off on his own (self-releasing tracks), his sound has changed as well. Clever girl features all vocals and instrumentals by Matt.


Don’t forget to visit where I post all the tunes I’m listening to. Happy Listening!