Top Monthly Tune Recap – January 2020

Welcome to 2020 folks. I remember thinking how far away 2020 seemed, and now it’s here. I want to thank all of you who visit this site and discover new tunes and artists. I look forward to continuing to post my top ten every month!
_Sam @ Top Monthly Tunes

Part One

1. Mac Miller – Everybody

Genre: Hip Hop

Mac’s loss was a big one for the music community. With every release, he grew as an artist. This was my favorite tune off the posthumous album ‘Circles’.


2. H.E.R. – Sometimes

Genre: R&B

I absolutely fell in love with H.E.R. after seeing her perform on the Grammys. This is one of those tunes you come across at the exact moment you need to hear the message. The lyrics really resonated with me. Enjoy her soulful voice on this one.


3. elijah hill & rx Soul – 3 nights

Genre: Dance

I love the catchy chorus on this tune and the choppy electronic background bits.


4. TRAILS – Hold My Soul

Genre: Indie

I love the indie pop vibe on this tune.


5. Ali Bakgor – Gave My Heart

Genre: Deep House

The perfect midnight-on-the-dancefloor tune. Dark club vibes with the bass + synths.


Part Two

6. AMTRAC – Radical (Edit) [feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs]

Genre: Dance

The airy vocals and ambient background brings this tune to the top of my second-half of the countdown.


7. Joywave – Blank Slate

Genre: Alternative

While my countdowns skew mostly on the electronic side of things (house etc.), this month’s vibes really ran towards Indie/Alternative. I get a Killers-esque vibe from this tune.


8. DVBBS – GOMF (Tim Baresko remix)

Genre: House

If you’re looking for a tune that has a great intro build-up into a solid drop, this is it. You’ll be rewarded for your patience.


9. Vandelux – Live Forever

Genre: Dance

Surprisingly polished for a tune created by Vandelux in his closet. He takes ownership over the vocals and production.


10. Syence – Lies (feat. H. Kenneth)

Genre: Dance

Have you ever listened to a tune and instantly felt like a badass after? This would be that.

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