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Top Monthly Tune Recap – March 2020

Hi All!

What a month this has been. While most of it has been a boon (I want to get out just like you!), it’s actually been this music fan’s blessing in disguise hah. As a result of this quarantine period, I find myself with more time to discover a tune or two, and coolest of all, I’ve had unprecedented access to all these DJ/Musician livestreams. So there’s my little glimmer of hope for you all. And don’t worry, still got a track recap for you.

<3 Sam

Part One

1. Matt Fax – Light On

Genre: House

Matt Fax is definitely no stranger to my countdowns. Because we’re under lockdown, this tune is perfect because it’s one of those tunes that make you feel like you’re flying far away at hyperspeed.


2. Young Pinch – Beach Ballin’ (feat. blackbear)

Genre: Hip Hop

Like the summer vibe of this tune. I really enjoy how it really walks through the mind – one minute you’re riding around enjoying your time to think, and then the next, you hit some real introspective talk.


3. Rootkit – Only Knew (ft. Nevve)

Genre: Dance

I love Nevve’s vocals in this tune.


4. Dustycloud – Never Stop

Genre: House

Dustycloud always has these neat background industrial / futuristic sounds incorporated in his tunes. If you’re looking for a harder hitting house track, this is it.


5. Tsunami – Fly Butta (Original Mix) (Insomniac/Discovery Project)

Genre: House

Oh how this tune makes me long for a drink by the beach, preferably in the Mediterranean. All kinds of chill vibes.

Tune Part Two

6. Ekali & Illenium – Hard To Say Goodbye Ft. Chloe Angelides (Win And Woo Remix)

Genre: Dance

So Win and Woo are definitely becoming one of my newest favorite musical groups. I loved watching them during the recent Digital Mirage festival stream. Get your dance on to this remix.


7. Aethon, Freddy Fat Cats – Enlil (Original Mix)

Genre: Techno

A tune on the dreamier or melodic side.


8. Big Gigantic featuring Felly – St. Lucia

Genre: Electronic

I’m such a sucker for Cali Vibes and guitar riffs. This tune has both!!


9. Ellie Goulding, blackbear – Worry About Me

Genre: Pop

I feel like it’s been a minute since I heard anything new from Ellie. I was sold from the minute I saw Blackbear on the track.



Genre: Dance

This is a cool re-do of a Nina Simone staple.

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Top Monthly Tune Recap – September 2017

It’s been a while music fans but I’m back at it. Please enjoy September’s recap:


1. Kill Paris – Red Lights (Feat. Dotter)

Genre: Dance

This month’s recipient of the broken repeat button goes to Kill Paris and this tune. Listeners who enjoy disco vibes will love this one.


2. Drm Prty – Body Talk (Simon Field Remix)

Genre: House

Basement grooves in full effect for this tune.


3. DJ Wady & Patrick M – Hulk – CamelPhat Re-Fix

Genre: Tech House

Great CamelPhat spin on the Hulk tune, full of dance grooves.


4. Norwood & Hills – Together

Genre: House

You’ll enjoy this tune for the deep feel and house vocals.


5. Aevion – The Journey (Oliver Heldens Edit)

Genre: Deep House

Definitely a tune you’ll want to dance to. I’m also a sucker for a good horn effect.


6. Redondo, UnoMas & Teo Mandrelli – I Want U

Genre: Dance

Yes summer may be officially over but that doesn’t mean summer tunes can’t still be released. This tune will put you in a feel-good, dance mood.


7. Dustycloud – Lifted

Genre: Future House

If you’ve been to this site before the name Dustycloud should be no stranger. Dustycloud releases another banger with his signature style.


8. Thook – Menace to Society

Genre: Trap

I’m so glad I came across Thook. His production style is phenomenal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the different sounds that drop in and out of this trap tune.


9. Enschway – Over U (feat. Yeah Boy)

Genre: Electronic

My first listen into the world of Enschway came with the tune ‘I’ll Wait’. While that was a hard tune to follow, ‘Over U’ contains the same head bobbing feels.


10. Tim Engelhardt – Maks

Genre: House

If you’re into progressive sounds, you’ll enjoy this tune.


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Top Monthly Tune Recap – June 2017

Ladies and Gents, the June recap:


1. Kidd Kool – Polaroid (Original Mix)

Genre: House

I love the bits of camera snaps in this tune.


2. Odesza – Meridian

Genre: Electronica

It’s been a minute since I’ve heard new Odesza music and I couldn’t be happier with this release. Fresh off their forthcoming album, Meridian is a great late night track with some killer tribal vocals.


3. Late June – Stay Close To Me

Genre: Indie

If you’re looking for a tune that tugs at your heartstrings, this would be it. Props to Late June for creating such an emotional track. My favorite parts of this tune include the vocal captures from the 13 Reasons series.


4. Lux Holm – Breathin

Genre: Dance

Sticking to the emotional, late night drive themes, this tune fits the bill.


5. Dustycloud – Feeling So Good

Genre: House

It’s no surprise Dustycloud is back on my list. Whenever new music is released, I’m usually there to grab it! Feeling So Good captures his usual dark vibes and funky synths.


6. Lincoln Jesser – Baby Boy (Soslo Remix) Ft. Yuna

Genre: Electronica

Summer vibes in effect with this tune.


7. Finch – Momentum (Original Mix)

Genre: Tech House

Pryda fans will love this tune as there are a few similarities. Get ready for the dancefloor.


8. Burn The Disco – Don’t Worry

Genre: House

For a bit more summer bouncy fun, check out this tune.


9. Dino Lenny – This Time We Take It Easy (Agoria Rework)

Genre: Deep House

I love the soothing vocals and chill vibe of this tune.


10. Telepopmusik – Breathe (Kartell Slow Remix)

Genre: Electronica

I know what you’re thinking – another Breathe rework? Fear not music fans, this one is a winner. The slowed down tempo is beautiful.


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Top Monthly Tune Recap – July 2016

Hello music people. Welcome to July’s top tune recap.


1. Dustycloud – No Escape

Genre: House

This house tune takes my top spot for its’ deep bass and dark undertones. Part scary, part exciting, enjoy the ride.


2. Bronze Whale – Love To Feel Ft Khai (Laetho Remix)

Genre: Trap

Love the vocals in this tune. Also, around the 1:20 marker, the chopped treatment is magic.


3. Kozoro – Illusion

Genre: Chill

I don’t even know how to classify what genre this tune is, but who cares. Piano combined with kicks and dreamy sounds definitely land this in my top three.


4. Aazar – Gyal

Genre: Trap

This trap tune is a must play for the summer. I definitely get some tropical vibes with this one.


5. Unorthodox – Hooked

Genre: Tech House

I feel like every month I have to feature at least one tune fit for a raging, sweaty, basement or warehouse party. This would be it. I expect every late night house dj to have this on rotation.


6. Kalyma – LayDown (Stereo Mc’s Mix)

Genre: Electronica

If I did the soundtrack for the show Mr. Robot, I feel like this would fit perfectly in an episode – dark vibes combined with interesting synths and chill tempo.


7. Khen – Never Lose Your Innocence

Genre: Progressive House

Awesome bassline and great build up / release on this tune.


8. TEPR – Half Below (NEUS Remix)

Genre: Deep House

This tune lands in the top 10 for its’ modern disco / house spin on the original.


9. ShoffyMusic – Up Here

Genre: House

Great summer house tune.


10. Denny White – Sweetness

Genre: Indie / Pop

Venturing solo from the group Golden Coast, this is Denny’s debut as a solo artist. I love the vocals and percussion work. Definitely see this getting serious airplay.


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Top Monthly Tune Recap – February 2016

Welcome to February’s top ten recap. Check out who made the cut:


1. Louis The Child – It’s Strange (SoySauce Remix)

Genre: Trap/Dance

There is an enormous remix pack of It’s Strange out there. This has the be my favorite remix and my pick for favorite tune of the month.


2. Dustycloud – Run

Genre: House

Equal parts anxiety, fright, and love while listening to this tune. I’ve never been more afraid of head bobbing to a track.


3. Illenium – With You ft. Quinn XCII

Genre: Dance

The vocals and combination of calming beats make this a beautiful tune.


4. Sohn – Lights (Gab Rhome (Feat. Demetrius) Rework)

Genre: House

If you’ve been following my recaps for a while, you know I’m a sucker for songs with profound lyrics or lyrics that make you think. Here’s a snippet from Lights, “We weave in and out of consciousness alone/
Til our bodies collide and keep us from getting cold”. Deep. I love it.


5. CamelPhat & The Alexsander – The Switch (Original Mix)

Genre: Tech House

I may have listened to this tune about a hundred times in a row. I love the small builds in intensity and releases.



Genre: Deep House

I like the current spin on the classic Kaskade tune, ‘I Remember’.


7. Stulp Fiction & Abedz – Nothing To Lose

Genre: Deep House

I want to pull out all my house moves on the dancefloor to this.


8. Gathier – If You Don’t Want Me

Genre: Deep House

Simple lyrics full of feeling and a intro building into serious deep house vibes.


9. Jonas Rathman – Cobalt

Genre: Tech House

I am in love with the 80s-esque synths/vibe in this tune.


10. Junktion – Breakfast At Midnight (Brame & Hamo Remix)

Genre: Deep House

The perfect after hours tune. Filled with jazz bits, and a feeling of an era long gone, this tune transports the listener to a different time and place.


Don’t forget to visit thistune.rocks where I post all the tunes I’m listening to. Happy Listening!