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Top Monthly Tune Recap – March 2020

Hi All!

What a month this has been. While most of it has been a boon (I want to get out just like you!), it’s actually been this music fan’s blessing in disguise hah. As a result of this quarantine period, I find myself with more time to discover a tune or two, and coolest of all, I’ve had unprecedented access to all these DJ/Musician livestreams. So there’s my little glimmer of hope for you all. And don’t worry, still got a track recap for you.

<3 Sam

Part One

1. Matt Fax – Light On

Genre: House

Matt Fax is definitely no stranger to my countdowns. Because we’re under lockdown, this tune is perfect because it’s one of those tunes that make you feel like you’re flying far away at hyperspeed.


2. Young Pinch – Beach Ballin’ (feat. blackbear)

Genre: Hip Hop

Like the summer vibe of this tune. I really enjoy how it really walks through the mind – one minute you’re riding around enjoying your time to think, and then the next, you hit some real introspective talk.


3. Rootkit – Only Knew (ft. Nevve)

Genre: Dance

I love Nevve’s vocals in this tune.


4. Dustycloud – Never Stop

Genre: House

Dustycloud always has these neat background industrial / futuristic sounds incorporated in his tunes. If you’re looking for a harder hitting house track, this is it.


5. Tsunami – Fly Butta (Original Mix) (Insomniac/Discovery Project)

Genre: House

Oh how this tune makes me long for a drink by the beach, preferably in the Mediterranean. All kinds of chill vibes.

Tune Part Two

6. Ekali & Illenium – Hard To Say Goodbye Ft. Chloe Angelides (Win And Woo Remix)

Genre: Dance

So Win and Woo are definitely becoming one of my newest favorite musical groups. I loved watching them during the recent Digital Mirage festival stream. Get your dance on to this remix.


7. Aethon, Freddy Fat Cats – Enlil (Original Mix)

Genre: Techno

A tune on the dreamier or melodic side.


8. Big Gigantic featuring Felly – St. Lucia

Genre: Electronic

I’m such a sucker for Cali Vibes and guitar riffs. This tune has both!!


9. Ellie Goulding, blackbear – Worry About Me

Genre: Pop

I feel like it’s been a minute since I heard anything new from Ellie. I was sold from the minute I saw Blackbear on the track.



Genre: Dance

This is a cool re-do of a Nina Simone staple.

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Top Monthly Tune Recap – January 2018

Hello fellow music fans!

Welcome to 2018! I’m back from a self-imposed hiatus. I hope to bring you some fresh tunes this year and keep the music love flowing. Do you like what you hear on this countdown? Hit me up on twitter (where you can also see what I’m listening to at the moment), or check out thistune.rocks for all kinds of musical selections.

Much love and here’s to a new year,


1. Lookas & Able Heart – On My Own

Genre: Trap

What makes this tune is the stellar vocals from Able Heart.


2. DROELOE – Backbone ft Nevve

Genre: Electronic

A tune with another set of awesome vocals from Nevve. Love the message this tune relays to its’ listeners – get up and go do something.


3. Lost Frequencies – Send Her My Love (R.O Remix)

Genre: Dance

This tune is dedicated to all those who got away. I was in love with the original, but this remix is fantastic. Get ready to be both in deep thought, and head bob simultaneously.


4. Lauv – I Like Me Better (Hälder Remix)

Genre: Trap

I love this tune because I can visualize a complete story when I listen to it. Enjoy this awesome remix.


5. ZHU – Hometown Girl (Khamsin Remix)

Genre: Dance

ZHU’s tracks are amazing enough, so remixes are no easy task. Khamsin puts a beautifully chill spin on ‘Hometown Girl’. Get ready for some summer vibes.


6. Taska Black – Sandpaper (ft. Ayelle)

Genre: Electronic

This month is all about the vocals. Ayelle provides soothing vocals set up against an emotional backdrop.


7. Autograf – Smells Like Teen Spirit (ft. Queen Sessi)

Genre: Electronic

As a huge Nirvana fan, I was a bit hesitant to check this tune out. I’m glad I did. It’s a lovely (and much more subdued) take on the original. Kudos Autograf.


8. Marc Goone – rewind (prod. judge)

Genre: Hip-Hop

Continuing with the vocal theme this month, enter Marc Goone. Rewind is a solid musical introspection on the past.


9. A Different Way (Noizu Remix) [feat. Lauv]

Genre: Dance

Heading to the end of this month’s countdown, I wanted to add something a little less heavy. This is a great remix of one of the biggest tunes of last year.


10. Tchami – World To Me (feat. Luke James)(MK Remix)

Genre: House

With all the 90s nostaglia floating around, I get that kind of vibe with this track.


Top Monthly Tune Recap – April 2017

I can’t believe it’s already that time again. This year is moving in a hurry! Without further delay, here is your top tune recap for April:


1. Moby – Are You Lost In The World Like Me (Bite Me Remix)

Genre: Trap

One criterion for my top tune is the its’ replayability. This tune has been on repeat for a while. I love the trap take on this, but it’s the lyrics that get me everytime.


2. Khen – Baby Steps

Genre: Progressive House

This is my favorite tune of Khen’s latest EP. This is the perfect tune for a late night drive or winding down at a club. The real magic happens around the 3:00 min marker.


3. Ólafur Arnalds – Öldurót (Tontario Remix)

Genre: Deep House

I still get chills everytime I listen to this tune. Öldurót is probably the most emotional song in this entire recap. Keep an ear out for the crackling bottle sounds.


4. Terror Reid – Uppercuts

Genre: Hip Hop

If you’ve been following my recaps for a while, you know I’m not a huge hip-hop fan. However, once I heard Uppercuts, I had to include it in my top recap. I love Terror Reid’s effortless flow and the old school beat.


5. Xan Young – Honest

Genre: Electronica

This happens to be the oldest tune in my recap, but I only recently found out about it! The combination of smooth, r&b-ish vocals with synths and claps is amazing.


6. Cirez D – On Off (Pryda Remix) [Pete Tong – BBC Radio 1]

Genre: Progressive House

I came across a comment relating to this track ‘Prydzception’. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this hah. For those that are not familiar, Pryda is an alias of Eric Prydz. So is Cirez D. Yep.


7. Big Wild – Empty Room (feat. Yuna) [Elderbrook Remix]

Genre: Electronica

Elderbook’s remix of this tune is great. Part disco feel, part jazz funk, this tune is made for a summertime party.


8. Alex Preston & Dave Winnel – Never Meant To Last ft. Javeon (VIP Mix)

Genre: House

Summer. Festival. Season.


9. Bontan & Josh Butler – Call You Back

Genre: Tech House

Anything Bontan or Josh Butler is an automatic win for me. This is a fun tech house tune with a catchy hook.


10. Matt Lange – Clever Girl

Genre: Rock

I’ve been a fan of Matt Lange for a long time now. His work is constantly envolving. Since his recent departure off on his own (self-releasing tracks), his sound has changed as well. Clever girl features all vocals and instrumentals by Matt.


Don’t forget to visit thistune.rocks where I post all the tunes I’m listening to. Happy Listening!