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Top Monthly Tune Recap – March 2020

Hi All!

What a month this has been. While most of it has been a boon (I want to get out just like you!), it’s actually been this music fan’s blessing in disguise hah. As a result of this quarantine period, I find myself with more time to discover a tune or two, and coolest of all, I’ve had unprecedented access to all these DJ/Musician livestreams. So there’s my little glimmer of hope for you all. And don’t worry, still got a track recap for you.

<3 Sam

Part One

1. Matt Fax – Light On

Genre: House

Matt Fax is definitely no stranger to my countdowns. Because we’re under lockdown, this tune is perfect because it’s one of those tunes that make you feel like you’re flying far away at hyperspeed.


2. Young Pinch – Beach Ballin’ (feat. blackbear)

Genre: Hip Hop

Like the summer vibe of this tune. I really enjoy how it really walks through the mind – one minute you’re riding around enjoying your time to think, and then the next, you hit some real introspective talk.


3. Rootkit – Only Knew (ft. Nevve)

Genre: Dance

I love Nevve’s vocals in this tune.


4. Dustycloud – Never Stop

Genre: House

Dustycloud always has these neat background industrial / futuristic sounds incorporated in his tunes. If you’re looking for a harder hitting house track, this is it.


5. Tsunami – Fly Butta (Original Mix) (Insomniac/Discovery Project)

Genre: House

Oh how this tune makes me long for a drink by the beach, preferably in the Mediterranean. All kinds of chill vibes.

Tune Part Two

6. Ekali & Illenium – Hard To Say Goodbye Ft. Chloe Angelides (Win And Woo Remix)

Genre: Dance

So Win and Woo are definitely becoming one of my newest favorite musical groups. I loved watching them during the recent Digital Mirage festival stream. Get your dance on to this remix.


7. Aethon, Freddy Fat Cats – Enlil (Original Mix)

Genre: Techno

A tune on the dreamier or melodic side.


8. Big Gigantic featuring Felly – St. Lucia

Genre: Electronic

I’m such a sucker for Cali Vibes and guitar riffs. This tune has both!!


9. Ellie Goulding, blackbear – Worry About Me

Genre: Pop

I feel like it’s been a minute since I heard anything new from Ellie. I was sold from the minute I saw Blackbear on the track.



Genre: Dance

This is a cool re-do of a Nina Simone staple.

As usual, don’t forget to visit thistune.rocks where I post all the tunes I’m listening to. Stay safe and social distance y’all!!!



Top Tune Recap – March 2015

Welcome to March’s top track recap. I swear it gets harder and harder each month to narrow down to ten tracks. Without further delay, here we go:

1. Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjørn – Super Human
Genre: Trance
I’ve been eagerly awaiting Bayer’s next album since “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave”. This track dropped in anticipation of “Do Androids Dream” due out in April.

2. Sasse : 1983 (Dosem Remix)
Genre: Deep House
Groove…clap clap…groove…clap clap. Definitely a funky one with a load of bass!

3. Machel Montano & Sean Paul ft. Major Lazer – One Wine
Genre: Soca
So I had to throw something different in the mix. Straight off the 2015 Carnival circuit, One Wine features a catchy soca beat with some Major Lazer treatment, and great sound from Machel and Sean.

4. Shake Shake Go – England Skies (Epic Empire Remix)
Genre: Pop / Indie / Bass
I am not sure which genre this track falls under, but I can tell you it’s highly catchy and will be on repeat. The vocal snippets are lovely.

5. Matt Fax – Going Down / Hyperspace EP
Genre: Trance
Yess, the return of Matt Fax. Matt dropped off for a bit, but glad to see his return with the Going Down / Hyperspace EP. Hyperspace is the type of track that made me fall in love with Matt’s music to begin with.

6. Flite – Dive
Genre: Drum & Bass
Dive is both a beautiful and calming drum and bass track. Get ready for a melodic journey.

7. Jonas Woehl – Finding The Others
Genre: Deep House
Finding The Others is the title track of Woehl’s EP. It features the right blend of deep sounds, mixed in with vocals. I recommend checking out the rest of this EP as well.

8. Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good (Thero Remix)
Genre: Tropical House
Time to soak up the sun. I’ve featured quite a bit of tracks with vocal work this month – this is no exception. Jaymes Young sounds fantastic on this one.

9. Magnifik Ft. Cam Nacson – I Miss You So Bad (Diamond Lights Remix)
Genre: Deep House
Can you say basement party? Just the type of track to get your sweat on in a crowded room with a banging sound system.

10. LTN Feat. Arielle Maren – Let Me Go (Vintage & Morelli Remix)
Genre: Prog House
Solid remix treatment here. Arielle’s vocals are also amazing.