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Top Monthly Tune Recap – March 2020

Hi All!

What a month this has been. While most of it has been a boon (I want to get out just like you!), it’s actually been this music fan’s blessing in disguise hah. As a result of this quarantine period, I find myself with more time to discover a tune or two, and coolest of all, I’ve had unprecedented access to all these DJ/Musician livestreams. So there’s my little glimmer of hope for you all. And don’t worry, still got a track recap for you.

<3 Sam

Part One

1. Matt Fax – Light On

Genre: House

Matt Fax is definitely no stranger to my countdowns. Because we’re under lockdown, this tune is perfect because it’s one of those tunes that make you feel like you’re flying far away at hyperspeed.


2. Young Pinch – Beach Ballin’ (feat. blackbear)

Genre: Hip Hop

Like the summer vibe of this tune. I really enjoy how it really walks through the mind – one minute you’re riding around enjoying your time to think, and then the next, you hit some real introspective talk.


3. Rootkit – Only Knew (ft. Nevve)

Genre: Dance

I love Nevve’s vocals in this tune.


4. Dustycloud – Never Stop

Genre: House

Dustycloud always has these neat background industrial / futuristic sounds incorporated in his tunes. If you’re looking for a harder hitting house track, this is it.


5. Tsunami – Fly Butta (Original Mix) (Insomniac/Discovery Project)

Genre: House

Oh how this tune makes me long for a drink by the beach, preferably in the Mediterranean. All kinds of chill vibes.

Tune Part Two

6. Ekali & Illenium – Hard To Say Goodbye Ft. Chloe Angelides (Win And Woo Remix)

Genre: Dance

So Win and Woo are definitely becoming one of my newest favorite musical groups. I loved watching them during the recent Digital Mirage festival stream. Get your dance on to this remix.


7. Aethon, Freddy Fat Cats – Enlil (Original Mix)

Genre: Techno

A tune on the dreamier or melodic side.


8. Big Gigantic featuring Felly – St. Lucia

Genre: Electronic

I’m such a sucker for Cali Vibes and guitar riffs. This tune has both!!


9. Ellie Goulding, blackbear – Worry About Me

Genre: Pop

I feel like it’s been a minute since I heard anything new from Ellie. I was sold from the minute I saw Blackbear on the track.



Genre: Dance

This is a cool re-do of a Nina Simone staple.

As usual, don’t forget to visit thistune.rocks where I post all the tunes I’m listening to. Stay safe and social distance y’all!!!



Top Monthly Tune Recap – June 2016

Happy Summer. Enjoy June’s top tune recap.


1. The M Machine – When It’s Gone (Mat Zo Remix)

Genre: Dance

I’ve been a while since I’ve heard a Mat Zo remix I really love. This is a fantastic tune sure to be on repeat.


2. Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (Ekali Tribute)

Genre: Trap

Ekali’s trap spin on this tune is unreal. Be sure to put the volume up on this one.


3. Justin Bieber – Sorry (Elderbrook Cover)

Genre: Indie

Yes it’s a Bieber track. However, and a BIG however, this cover is wayyy better than the original tune. Have a listen – you’ll find it hard to disagree.


4. Laurence Guy – Wish I Knew

Genre: House

Perfect tune for an afternoon by the beach or lounge with your favorite cocktail. The combination of vinyl-scratch sounds, piano, and old school vocals are stunning.


5. RÜFÜS DU SOL – You Were Right (Louis Futon Remix)

Genre: Electronica

My favorite parts of this tune are when Futon hangs on certain beats before returning full force.


6. Illenium – Sleepwalker (Virtu Remix)

Genre: Future Bass

Lovely vocals plus bass drops make this one a winner.


7. James Bay – Let It Go (Vexaic Remix)

Genre: Dubstep

This is a beautiful chill dubstep remix.


8. Delta Heavy – White Flag VIP

Genre: Drum & Bass

I love the repeating vocals in this dnb tune.


9. YAKONA – Sonder

Genre: Techno

Definitely a darker vibe to this tune. The piano snippets are fantastic.


10. Rihanna – Desperado (Mike Metro Bootleg)

Genre: House

One of those tunes you just want to fill the room with and dance to. Enjoy!


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Top Monthly Tune Recap – September 2015

It’s time for September’s top tune recap.


1. Fausttt – La Tengo

Genre: Trap

Dear god, the bass. The bass! Enough said…


2. MitiS – Mirages

Genre: Progressive House

MitiS should be renamed Midas, because everything he touches turns to gold. (See what I did there??) This is another lovely track with a chill vibe. Solid production as usual.


3. Henrik Zuberstein – Elicit Response

Genre: Trance

Fantastic progressive vibe on this tune. It sounds really otherwordly, which is a cool positive.


4. Solid Stone – Signs Of The Future

Genre: Progressive House

I first heard this track on my favorite radio program, Cycles Radio. Solid Stone takes you on a progressive journey with this one, highlighted by some great drum sounds. I wish the audio were longer.


5. Alex O’Rion – Koi Koi

Genre: Trance

I absolutely fell in love with work of Alex O’Rion based on this tune. This is a beautiful one.


6. Luke Cusato – All Over You (Selva Remix)

Genre: Future

Another great bass track. I love the vocals by Luke.


7. Matt Lange – You’ll Remember Me

Genre: Techno

This is my favorite tune off of Matt Lange’s newest album, Ephemera. Get ready for the dark, industrial vibe + unique sounds Matt Lange is known for cooking up.


8. Roger Sanchez feat Stealth – Remember Me (Spada Remix)

Genre: House

It is a requisite to have at least one dance worthy tune on this countdown. Spada achieves that with this remix.


9. Eekkoo – Warren Avenue

Genre: Techno

Based on the origins of techno. Solid production behind this tune.


10. James Hype – Still Want Me

Genre: Garage

Another tune to get your dance on. Solid basement party number.


Don’t forget to visit thistune.rocks where I post all the tunes I’m listening to. Happy Listening!


Top Monthly Tunes – July 2015

Welcome to July’s top tunes recap. Here are my top ten tunes for this month:


1. Fink – Looking Too Closely (Erik Lake Remix)

Genre: Deep House

I always hope remixes do the original versions justice. Eric Lake does just that with this one. The vocals and message stay in tact among the deep house beat.


2. PALASTIC – Worlds Collide ft. Josh Roa

Genre: Indie

My favorite part of this tune are the electric guitar riffs. The vocals are also superb. Feel free to play this track while driving with the windows down.


3. The Score – Catching Fire

Genre: Indie Pop

If you like bands like American Authors or The Script, this tune will be right up your alley. The band sounds great and the chorus is definitely catchy.


4. Mr. Skeleton – My Opinion

Genre: Techno

This is definitely one dark and trippy tune. What makes this an interesting track are the industrial sounding bits and scary ass vocal snippets.


5. Jon Bellion – Woke The F*ck Up

Genre: Indie

Catchy chorus and great vocals by Jon. I love how this song projects that moment of realization we all have when we finally see through the fog.


6. Seekae – The Worry

Genre: Electronic

A new track with a 80s alternative feel.


7. Superpoze – Overseas

Genre: Electronic

One of those tracks that seem to tell a story from start to finish. I love the piano notes, especially at the end.


8. TheArchitect_ – Les Pensées

Genre: Hip Hop

I typically don’t include tunes older than a year on my list, but I had to make an exception for this one. I really like the mixing of English and French vocals.


9. Luca Schreiner – Don’t Worry About It

Genre: House

Great summer deep house tunes. Definitely feeling the reverb and minimal vocal snippets.


10. EdOne & Bodden – I Can’t Feel (Kevin McKay Remix)

Genre: House

If you’re a fan of early house music, I think you will enjoy this one. It has a great classic house vibe.


Don’t forget to visit thistune.rocks where I post all the music I’m listening to. Happy Listening!


Top Tune Recap – May 2015

Welcome to May’s top track recap. Here we go:

1. CHPLN – People I Know
Genre: Indie, Pop
I’ve waited a bit of time for the next release from CHPLN. They didn’t disappoint with this solid dance track. I’m eagerly awaiting their stateside appearance.

2. Sound Quelle – Allarg
Genre: Trance
What is the meaning of life? Is there life outside of Earth? Ok, maybe that’s a bit too deep, but between the piano riffs and string-like sounds, this definitely reaches the soul and makes for great thinking music (whatever you like to think about).

3. Bontan – Firefly
Genre: House
Bontan can do no wrong. Another certified house hit right here.

4. Clean Bandit – Stronger – CamelPhat Dark Dub
Genre: Tech House
One of those songs that start off innocent enough, then just catapults you in a different direction. Fantastic remix of an already great track.

5. OMVR – Hold You Back (Funkin Matt Remix)
Genre: House
Another dance worthy house remix.

6. On and On – Drifting (Duncan Murray Remix)
Genre: Deep House
Love the low key vibe of this one. Perfect for a long drive with the windows down.

7. Dear David – I’ve Been Waiting (Romez & Damark Remix)
Genre: House
Counting down until I hear this in a lounge or club. Great track to fill a room and get your dance on.

8. Brasstracks – We’re Back Tho
Genre: Future Jazz (sure, let’s go with that)
This duo is back at it again. If you like the sounds of trumpets, horns, and drum beats with modern flair, this is the track for you.

9. Mâhfoud – The Giant (Francois Rengere Remix)
Genre: Electronica
This was a great intro track to the work of François Rengère. The Giant remix features really cool background sounds (including one creepy creak) and tinkers around the right amount of dark.

10. Hunter Siegel – Let Me Love You Right (Ft. Kai)
Genre: House
This Canadian duo pushed out a big hit full of great vocals and bass.