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Top Monthly Tune Recap – September 2018

Hi Everybody! Welcome to the tune recap for September 2018.

Part One

1. George Kwali – Dream Enough

Genre: House

Repeat in full effect! Love Aplin’s vocals over Kwali’s synths and house beats.


2. Caio Monteiro & Wizzi – Undertow

Genre: Deep House

Love the simple chorus on this tune.


3. Callum McBride & Oliver Jack – Everywhere (feat. Sander Nijbroek)

Genre: Deep House

This month’s tune recap is strong on vocals. Sander’s voice is quite beautiful. Perfect for that mid-point in a late night set.


4. owl city – fireflies (it’s different cover)

Genre: Trap

It’s hard to believe Owl City’s original version came out 11 years ago! The cover by it’s different is a fresh spin featuring a new trap background.


5. Robert Delong & K.Flay – Favorite Color Is Blue (Win And Woo Remix)

Genre: Electronic

The original tune was already catchy but this remix amps up that factor even more.


Part Two

6. Kyle Watson – Sides [OUT NOW]

Genre: Tech House

This tune is part of a larger body of work called Into The Morning. While we don’t have the entire album to go on a musical journey with, this was one of my favorite tunes to vibe to.


7. CVBZ – 2 Gone

Genre: Pop

It’s hard to classify this style of tune since it drifts around multiple genres. Is it dance, is it pop, is it r&b, is it trap?? Who cares. It’a awesome and you should give it a listen.


8. Ontonic & Jetique – Far Away

Genre: Deep House

Would love to blast this dancing tune on a dark dancefloor.


9. Loud Luxury – Body (Tim Gunter Edit)

Genre: Dance

I’m glad Tim Gunter released this catchy remix to the masses.


10. Tinlicker – Dream With Somebody (Extended Mix)

Genre: Progressive House

A great tune to end my September recap. Enjoy this one straight from Armada.

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Top Monthly Tunes – August 2015

It’s time for August’s top tunes recap.


1. Hayden James – Something About You (Cut Snake Edit)

Genre: House

I may have single-handedly been responsible for 10K plays on this tune (Joking of course, or am I??). Definitely a bouncy dance number ready for big speaker treatment.


2. SevenDoors – Movement Of Whale

Genre: Deep House

The halfway point of this tune is quite amazing. The beat slows down, builds up, and releases into the last half of the tune. Beautiful listen on this one.


3. Petter Carlsen – Never Leave Me (Tinlicker Remix)

Genre: Electronic

Love the dark, industrial-like vibe. The vocals are great. The headphones especially love the kicks.


4. ZHU – Faded (Ruobin Remix)

Genre: Deep House

There are a lot (I mean ALOT) of Faded remixes out there. It’s hard to compete with the greatness of the original. This remix comes pretty close. It’s a cool take, preserving the vibe of the original, while adding some really cool measured (clock-like) sounds.


5. Nicolas Luce – Trust You

Genre: House

I want to be at a sweaty, packed, basement party listening to this (ok, maybe not so sweaty or packed, but you get the idea of the vibe I’m going after).


6. I’m Not A Band – Cages (Christian Löffler Remix)

Genre: Electronic

A very clean, chill tune with another set of lovely vocals. The slight echo on the vocals produce a hauntingly beautiful effect.


7. Palace – Too Young ft Ziggy (Kyle Watson Remix)

Genre: House

I like the combination of house beats with hip hop flair from Ziggy.


8. Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now (Reevo & David Bulla Remix)

Genre: House

I am NOT a beebs fan, however, I love Jack Ü, and this is a pretty great remix. Go ahead, get your dance on.


9. Fetty Wap – 679 (K Theory Remix)

Genre: Trap

I like most of the tunes I’ve heard from Fetty Wap, and K Theory can crank out some sick trap tunes – this remix showcases that.


10. Bronze Whale – Weird Dark Things (Ft. Khai)

Genre: Trap

I can appreciate artists who hold off on the final product until they deem it’s perfect. Bronze Whale waited until they found the right set of vocals for this and they succeeded.


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