Top Monthly Tune Recap – February 2017

Greetings party people. Without further ado, I present my top tune recap for the month of February. Enjoy!


1. JOYRYDE – Hot Drum

Genre: Future House

JOYRYDE is my favorite artist of the year so far (it’s only February). The best part of this tune is where the drums kick in. Go, listen, now!


2. Mosa Wild – Smoke

Genre: Indie

I’m a big fan of the band The National and Mosa Wild definitely parallels that band. The beauty of this tune lies in the emotion it evokes – particularly that of loss.


3. Shout (Grum Remix)

Genre: Trance

This is a really great trance take on the classic Tears for Fears tune ‘Shout’.


4. Lane 8 – In My Arms

Genre: House

Lane8 has been featured in my countdowns a few times and for good reason. His production skills are amazing. His latest track features a beautiful blend of synths and minimal vocals.


5. Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales (Daniel Portman Remix)

Genre: Progressive House

Nora En Pure tunes are already perfection. This remix does the original tune justice, maintaining much of its’ original beauty, with subtle tweaks.


6. Jynx – Honey

Genre: House

This tune is off the latest EP Saffron City. Definitely one of the edge cases where a choppy composition and disjointedness work.


7. Hervé – My Love feat. Phizzals (KC Lights Remix)

Genre: House

A bouncy house tune remix. Time to dance.


8. Maroon 5 – Cold (Audio) ft. Future

Genre: Pop

What drew me most to this tune were the relatable lyrics. There are many of us out there that have been through confusing or failed relationships, often times the other party creeping away for what seems like no good reason. Check out the lyric snippet:

Are we taking time, or a time out?
I can’t take the in-between
Asking me for space here in my house
You know how to f*k with me


9. Gladiator – Sierra

Genre: Trap

You’ll want to put the volume up for this fresh trap tune.


10. Blvmenkind – Dream With You (feat. Sam Darton)

Genre: Electronic

Fans of ambient or chill music will enjoy this tune. I love the dreamy vocals. This is the perfect track for a long drive or a lounge on the beach.


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